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My mistake

Yes, we were on the Cascade Loop today but we actually left town on the North Cascade Scenic Byway. They may be one and the same – I still don’t know for sure.  Even though it was a bit cool and a little foggy when we left, the day turned out to be beautiful!

It’s going to be a challenge riding into the sun every morning for the next several days. By the time the sun got to a manageable spot in the sky, we were entering the North Cascades National Park. Several guys we had spoken with over the past few days were really impressed with this highway and assured us that it would be much better than CA1/US101. So we were really looking forward to it but I’m not sure that they rode the 101 along the same route we had. Don’t get me wrong, this was a beautiful stretch of highway with long sweeping curves. Beautiful mountains (yes, that’s snow!), cascading waterfalls, huge trees and roaring rivers. But it just wasn’t quite the same.

This is the spot where I insert pictures and have discovered that I inserted them into yesterday’s post. Not sure if I can undo that so I will post them again.




We followed the Skagit River a while this morning as it sliced through the canyon. And when one finished, another took over. Once we left the national park, the weather started warming. We stopped in Twisp for a sandwich and more driving instructions from the locals. Just a few miles outside of town, the terrain began changing… from lush forestland to barren hillsides. Before we knew it, even that was changing to rows and rows of apple and cherry trees. Orchards everywhere! Once we turned the corner into Methow and Pateras you could see all the apple shipping and processing plants. Seemed like all this was taking place in the middle of nowhere. Plus, this is not (at all) what I expected any part of Washington to look like.

We snuck into Spokane through one of the backroads and made it straight to the Harley shop for a few much-needed suggestions. An hour or so later and we are in Sandpoint, ID for the night. Another cute little river/lake town and we headed straight for the motel. After a quick supper, we are back for the night – rehashing the day and planning tomorrow. We should be on the east side of Glacier National Park tomorrow night. Anxious to see what the day holds in store for us…




5 Responses to “My mistake”

  1. You could have just snacked on apples right off the trees! Staring at that early morning sun can be brutal and dangerous so be careful and keep on rollin. Must be a couple of tired butts out there by now but at least the weather has been cooler and the scenery sure beats Gila Bend!! Sending hugs from us.

  2. Beautiful pics. One question and it doesn’t pertain to ya’all but I was just wondering. What time do you get up Dot?

  3. Loving your posts! You are seeing some beautiful country. Can’t wait to see what you think about Glacier National Park. Love, hugs and prayers as your continue your quest!

  4. The pics are incredible!!! You’re both going to have to replace the seats on your bikes after this trip, and quite possibly the ones below your backs! Be safe and enjoy the ride!

  5. Melba, check your messages on facebook for the answer to your question!!

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