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Glacier N.P.

Wow, what a day! Didn’t cover much ground at all, but, oh, the sights we saw.

As we left Sandpoint, ID this morning the sun gods were with us! We have picked up US2 and that’s pretty much where we will stay until we reach Maine.

The Montana state line was in our sights early this morning, but not before I got my last National Forest picture in the Idaho panhandle. We were crossing the line before 9:00. But of course I forgot about the hour we were losing so it was really 10:00 now. That’s ok.


Into Kalispell where we decided to stop for lunch. Then Glacier National Park – here we come. For the benefit of some, YES, there is still road construction. Most of it was on the valley floor and then on the other side of Logan Pass. Lots of delays but it was worth it!





ROAD TO THE SUN highway… if you haven’t seen it, you need to! If you have seen it, you can relate. An exciting, gorgeous ride. Valleys, mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes, clouds…it’s all there. And the “pucker factor” is way up there!

And the highway we took from the St Mary park exit to East Glacier could rank up there too. Very enjoyable.

But I have to share a lighter part of our day too. We intended to stay in youth hostels (as we could) to save some money. The first opportunity we had to do this was tonight. Suzanne had booked the last two beds! When we pulled up, it was questionable. But when the lady suggested we take a look at our upper bunk accommodations, there should have been no doubt. Our women’s dorm room consisted of 3 bunk beds and a desk, I think, in a room that was probably 8×10. I was really too busy studying the upper bunk to focus on anything else. The flat ladder was built onto the end of the bed – but how was I going to fit my mass between the ceiling and the bed. Surely I couldn’t lay on my side either. Our beds were across the room but we still could have held hands. I believe Suzanne sensed my panic and we found a hotel/cabin room. Quite quaint. Very 40’s 50’s. But at least my bottom doesn’t rub the ceiling when I’m in the bed!



4 Responses to “Glacier N.P.”

  1. I love it! Looks comfy….

  2. Thinking about you girls every day and I am enjoying reading and seeing the pictures…

  3. Cool! Kind of reminds me of Uncertain, TX

  4. Beautiful pictures and great descriptions of an interesting day. Sounds a bit like my old dorm room at OBU for three freshmen with a single and a bunk. Guess who got the single??!

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