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Lewis & Clark

What is it with us and FOG? Yes, we hit the road this morning in the nasty mess once again. Before too long, though, we could begin to see some blue skies! Once the sun came out it was spring-like the rest of the day.

If you haven’t noticed, we are kind of following the Lewis & Clark Trail. Today that overlapped the Old West Trail. There’s not a lot that you can embellish about the part of Montana that we were in today… except to say that there was lots of lush farmland and pastureland. I think we rode through a patchwork quilt today. Or, at least, that’s what it looked like.

Guess it wasn’t exciting enough to hold our attention though or keep us awake. About 11:00 or 11:30 we both got so sleepy/drowsy that neither of us felt it was safe. So we found a city park in Malta, pulled over and did a 45 minute power nap! Refreshed, we hit the road again.


We almost made the entire day without construction but I believe that was just wishful thinking! About 45 miles from our destination we hit it again. One lane, gravel, scraped pavement, etc. Just enough to make you really tense. We made it though and right on into North Dakota.


We’ve stopped for the night at Williston. And since we didn’t see or do anything really exciting today, I think I will call it a day. See y’all tomorrow!


One Response to “Lewis & Clark”

  1. Always good to hear about the day and surely they cannot all be exciting and full of scenery. Gotta have a few of those “just gittin on down the road” days. Glad y’all napped when the urge hit and that you found a safe place for napping!

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