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The Big Fish

You’re in store for a real treat tonight. Suzanne is dictating as I type…

Once again, we were up early, bags loaded and a hot breakfast while we waited for daylight. Our day started with cold temps, fog and (of course) more construction.


Two and a half hours later we pulled into the service department at the Magic City Harley-Davidson in Minot, ND. An oversized garage door opened and we rode in to be greeted by two young gentlemen. We gave them oil change and checkup instructions while we were directed to coffee, donuts and cookies. After a cookie or two, we had time to shop, a quick photo and we were on our way again in less than an hour. Thank you guys! We pulled out with our sights on Duluth, MN and no time for any stops other than fuel. Little did we know, 60 miles later we found ourselves in Rugby and the geographical center of North America. Quick photo and we were on the road again.


We picked up a couple from Nova Scotia on the road. They were “Wing Dingers”, if you know what I mean. We all fueled together and exchanged stories. They were on their way home from 7 weeks of riding. Some of that included parts of Alaska. “ALASKA?” Becky’s ears perked up! Next year, maybe! They told us about room availability down the road so we began keeping our eyes and ears open. We trekked on beyond their stopping point only to find no rooms in Bemidji. The young lad behind the counter of the Best Western called ahead to a quaint, family-owned motel and found rooms.

We were off again with no plans on stopping until we reached our destination. That is, until we passed the BIG FISH! A quick U-turn for another photo opp.


Back on the road to our final stop for the day. That is until we happened across our last photo opp of the day. A sign that some of Becky’s Iowa friends are all too familiar with!


This quaint mom-and-pop hotel (come to find out) was owned by the lad’s parents. Certainly he holds his Best Western job so that he can refer customers down the road!

We’re settled in for the night. Off to Wisconsin and Michigan tomorrow.


4 Responses to “The Big Fish”

  1. Sooo loving your trip! Neat places!

  2. If you had taken that GRR a few hours South, we would have put you up for the night! I’m smiling and somehow I knew what I was going to see on that sign before scrolling it into view!! Y’all are flat covering some ground ladies!! You are going to be back home before you know it. I’m afraid all other bike trips will be just ho-hum after this trek. Enjoy keeping up with you via the blog!

  3. The sky pic left me speechless, which is a rare. You must have jet packs on because you are really making good time. I know you are having a huge time!! Good for you girls,

  4. Lovin’ your pix!!!! Keep them coming & y’all be safe!!!

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