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Cheese curds and big lakes

Yep, it was chilly again this morning! And we are beginning to move a little slower first thing. But not too slow to dodge the deer!

First stop was a Minnesota Harley shop for a photo. That didn’t take long and off we go again.

Wish we could have stopped for a photo on the way into Duluth. Really neat looking as we topped a hill, and dropped down into town. Lake Superior and all the big ships in the background plus the bridge. Traffic just wouldn’t allow.

We are still on US2 only now it’s not the Lewis & Clark Trail, it turned into the Superior Circle Tour.




Lots of fun things to take pictures of today but we are trying really hard to keep it to a minimum. We missed out on a giant statue of an Elmer Fudd style hat. There’s bound to be a name for it! And we’ll never know WHY there was a huge statue… You wouldn’t believe all the stuff we’re seeing! And we can’t believe what all we’re missing! But we did manage a couple of state line signs before we arrived in Escanaba for the night.



Oh yeah, the cheese curds! We looked at them, picked up packages and surveyed all the different flavors…but we just couldn’t make ourselves try them. Maybe next time!


4 Responses to “Cheese curds and big lakes”

  1. Don’t think I would have tried them either!!!!

  2. The place is full od cheese heads!!!

  3. I tried cheese curds only once! They were just “Nasty”!! My daddy would say “the more I tried to chew them, the bigger they got” until I finally had to spit them out!!!!! I was just remarking to Bon that I haven’t seen that flat guy in a day or so and there he was!! She just typed in Elmer Fudd Statue on her phone and you’ll never guess what came up…..TOBER”S BLOG! Well, who knew??

  4. I have tried cheese curds. I was not impressed. The Amish store had them. Anita likes them.

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