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Rain and more lakes

The sun was shining when we left Escanaba after a hot breakfast. Of course that would not be for long! Less than two hours out we got into the rain! And of the 500+ miles that we rode today about a quarter of those was in the rain. NOT FUN!


Best we could tell, as soon as we turned south over the Mackinaw Bridge, we would be out of it. That’s pretty much how it happened until we got close to Lansing. Roadside decisions are not always the best but they are fun! Pulled off the freeway, under an overpass to reassess the situation. Back in the rain gear…what a pain!

Pictures were scarce today. Weather did not permit the bridge picture. Then there really wasn’t a whole lot to see the rest of the day. But we did make up some time. Still, it allowed us a stop at a Harley shop and one state line.



Tomorrow should be more fruitful (picture-wise) as we make a stop at Niagara Falls! We have traveled over 6,000 miles so far and we think we are about half way through. I just hope we don’t have to deal with any more rain. Til tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Rain and more lakes”

  1. You dames rock!!

  2. That is a “fer piece” up North girls. I know riding in the rain is a real pain. Hope you have better luck tomorrow.

  3. Be safe & enjoy the Falls. Always so pretty! Take lots of pix. Am enjoying the blog. Wonderful news about Stef going to come to Fla. with us. That makes 5 of us.

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