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GPS lady

Another glorious day on the road! We’ve got so many more stories to tell once we get home. Probably a few things you don’t want to hear about too.

Yesterday, after the rough Michigan roads, I developed a pretty loud rattle. We narrowed it down to the exhaust but figured we better have a dealer check it out.

So the first part of our morning was on the Erie Circle Tour as we searched for Mud River H-D in Sandusky. You would not believe the size of that dealership! Too bad they weren’t open yet.


Too bad the picture doesn’t do it justice!

Our GPS lady set us off on a slow, casual ride. This was not exactly what we had in mind. 30-40 mph will not get us very far down the road. We meandered through miles and miles of corn and grapes.

After we stopped at Harley of Erie and they tightened my exhaust clamp, we headed out to the tollway! Much better time then.


Of course we were aiming for Niagara Falls before the day was out. Buffalo traffic and the wind coming off the lake were not fun to deal with BUT we did it! And the reward was worth it. The Falls are another thing you need to see if you haven’t…and you can relate to if you have!





After hiking around the American Falls (a lot of construction) taking photos, we shopped for our souvenirs and started looking for a motel. We ended up in Lockport – far enough to get away from the tourist traffic – close enough we weren’t on the road much longer.

We are over 6400 total miles into the trip and feel the need to pick up the pace a bit. So tomorrow we will brave the tollway into Albany to make some time before we get back on some secondary roads.

Surprisingly we are both holding up pretty well. Not much to blog about when it comes to meals. Taco Bell or popcorn doesn’t make for a very appetizing picture. I think we counted and have had less than a half dozen utensil meals. That would be a meal that had to be eaten with utensils. Otherwise they were crackers, burgers, popcorn, etc.

Tonight we’re trying to do laundry. Motel appliances are so slow! Hope to be in bed by midnight!!!!!


3 Responses to “GPS lady”

  1. The Falls are beautiful! Never been there!
    Looks like fun! Love ya!!

  2. Beautiful!!!!

  3. Beautiful Pics as usual. Watching Basketball with Connie K. B gone to bed already. Late game on the west coast. Glad y’all are holding up and no mention of saddle sores yet!

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