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gawwwllleeee!!! Continued

Not sure how well this will work since we’re sitting roadside waiting for AAA. That’s a story for later though…

Back to yesterday – we left the beautiful Adirondacks as we boarded a ferry (I do love ferry rides!) in Essex. Across Lake Champlain to Vermont and the Green Mountains. We landed in Shelbourne and headed north to Burlington, where we thought we would stay the night. Love, love, loved that town! College town, right on the lake/river, lots and lots of old buildings, awesome architecture, and bricked streets. I would love to come back for an extended visit.

Actually, we have seen lots of places we would both come back for! So many buildings that are old, old. Barns so huge they look like they could hold Texas Stadium! Lots and lots of wildflowers, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Can you tell we’ve been impressed?

As it happened, there were no rooms in Burlington, except the hostel, and we weren’t quite ready to try that again! Finally found a room in Montpelier (the capital city of Vermont). We were on the road much longer than we wanted today. In and out of rain showers so many times we lost count! BUT when the sun was shining it was gorgeous!

We’re seeing lots of “moose” signs but, so far, no moose! We’ve seen plenty of deer and I almost took out a flock of turkeys a few days ago. Suzanne is constantly scanning for bear! Thank goodness we haven’t seen one of those!

Now, for today… We left early enough and exited Vermont without too much fog. Neither New Hampshire nor Vermont spends any extra money on road maintenance or state line signs as we drove right by both of them. Matter of fact we had to double back to get Maine too! We are just as impressed by these states though.

Fast forward to the “sitting by the road” comment. We had just passed through the last road construction when Suzanne radioed me she had bike problems. By the time I turned around she had coasted off the road and into a driveway. Oh no! Broken throttle cable! A call to AAA and the local Harley dealer and here we are – waiting for repairs. There’s always a flip side. While here, they discovered a serious problem with her front tire/axle. Fixed now and she’s lucky she didn’t end up in the “pucker brush”! Won’t be long and we are headed to find a good meal and a motel!












4 Responses to “gawwwllleeee!!! Continued”

  1. That pic of Bec is a hoot!! Talk about enjoying a meal. And it’s too weird that that lady has a couple of kids that live down here. Yep, a small world.

  2. Y’all are just having too much fun! Enjoy and keep ’em rolling ladies. Bon’s niece ran over a moose or ran into one somewhere in Maine. They live in Portland. Think it was dark and she came around a curve and there he was standing in the middle of the road!

  3. Soooooo glad ya’all finally had a good meal. Know you could have done without the problems, but what can you expect when you have put on over 6,000 miles on those little babies. Thankful you got it fixed and have made your 3rd stop.

  4. LOVING these pictures and your travels!!

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