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Bah Hahbor and more lahbster!!

Boy oh boy, what a full day! We left Bangor early this morning on ME11. We have decided to rate this stretch of highway in our top 5 so far. FANTASTIC!

This road intersected with US1 at Ft Kent. All of you parrot heads that have your picture in Key West at the #1 mile marker need the partner at Ft Kent.




Now that put us entirely too close to Canada not to take a visit. This was a really small border crossing so it should be pretty quick. What to do with our firearms though? Well, there’s City Hall right across the street! I bet they would hold them for us…as long as we don’t tell them what they’re holding! Worked great and they were so nice about it. The police chief even came out to greet us when we came back for them! 😮

The border crossing was simple enough but Canada had no “welcome” sign or post office to photograph. Finally found a road sign!


Next stop was our THIRD corner – Madawaska, Maine. Finally. Now it’s on to Key West!


But not before we get rained on some more AND eat some more lobster!



So we have settled in Bar Harbor, ME. My cousin, Stephanie, and her hubby are somewhere in Acadia National Park, which is about 5 miles from here and I can’t reach them! Too bad we couldn’t get together 3000 miles from home!


One Response to “Bah Hahbor and more lahbster!!”

  1. When I was up in Baston several years ago, they had never heard od ICED tea. Have those yanks got iced tea now? When you go through Massachusetts, see how many cahs arh pahed in Hahvahd Yahd.

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