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Bean town

Another long day today! We left later than we ever had then we made the wrong road choice leaving Bar Harbor. It was so beautiful, very scenic! But you always give up something to get something! This morning we gave up speed for the scenic ride. Got to the stop and go point so we headed for our last fresh Maine lobster meal.






We both had a lobster roll that was to-die-for!!! It had at least a full lobster’s worth of meat on there!

That was our fuel for the next few hours as we left our beautiful scenery for the interstate! It took us about 4 hours to make a hundred miles. But after that monstrous lobster roll, we knocked out over 200 more before we stopped in Providence for the night. We’re in that crazy traffic part of our country now. Our plan is to get on the road by daybreak to get a jump on it.


Don’t want to get in too much if a hurry as it looks like we’re headed into a rainy mess around the Carolinas. We need to be in Key West by Friday so we’ll have to move on regardless! Hoping for drier weather after the weekend.


2 Responses to “Bean town”

  1. Check the weather reports carefully before you head into a mess! Hopefully you are correct that things will clear up after the weekend.

  2. Ya’ll are having so much fun. You will be ready for a rest when you get back! Mom is having an interesting time keeping up with daughters in different time zones than hers. 🙂 As always, Love you!!

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