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Connecticut at sunrise

In case we didn’t tell you last night, we shut it down and tucked it in really early. I set the alarm for 4am but we were up by 3:45. Our plan was to get a jump on the crazy traffic in this part of the world. And we did just that! We had logged more miles by 10 o’clock than we did yesterday by 1:30!

By the time we hit Connecticut the sun was starting to come up!


We spent some time last night planning our route around the highly congested areas (NYC, Newark & Philadelphia). It was so much easier after Suzanne found us a new atlas at WalMart. Did I tell you she left our other one at Lockport?

The “welcome” sign at New Jersey wizzed by so fast we couldn’t pull over. And they never had a visitor center either. So we had to settle for a post office shot as we were about to run out of state!


One place we did go out of our way for (only about 20 miles) was the big OCC! No Paul or Mickey or Paul Jr but it was still pretty impressive.


We managed to bypass Atlantic City and THE Donald as we headed to our last spot in NJ, Cape May. Betcha can’t guess what we’re waiting for right now. A ferry! This one is supposed to take about 1.5 hours so I’m trying to work on the blog early.



So we were at the dock for the 4:30 but it was full. Had to wait for the 6:00 which was over an hour late. Then it was a loooong ferry ride. Checked into our mom and pop and hurried next door to eat! Whew, what a day!!!


2 Responses to “Connecticut at sunrise”

  1. What’s with you and the ferry rides Bec??? Can’t y’all find roads with bridges? Guess it gives your butt a rest and still covers a bit of the route!
    Keep ’em rollin girls. We are enjoying the ride with y’all.

  2. Becky just loves those ferries!!!

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