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Rain and more ferries!

Looks like there’s going to be rain for the next few/several days! So, we’re just trying to make the best of it.

When we parked last night we were about 1300 miles away from Key West. That’s as the crow flies. In order to finish within our 21 day time frame, we need to be there on or before Friday midnight. It’s crunch time now!

Started the day with a beautiful sunrise in Lewes. Aside from the state lines we crossed, that was the best thing we saw.


As you can see, the sun was coming up as we left. There was rain all around when we took off – just not on top of us. So we opted out of rain suits for awhile. I’m afraid we’re gonna be in them more than we want anyway.

New Jersey was but a memory when we left Delaware and headed into Maryland. And we were barely there before we came into Virginia.




You’ve got to drive/ride the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel! Shortly after crossing the state line, we hit this little jewel. It’s a combination of bridge and tunnel across the bay. Twenty something miles long. The tunnel was 40 feet under water. Pretty neat!

Now we’ve made our way to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, stopping at a Harley shop to wait out some rain. Then we had to stop at the Wright Brothers monument. Suzanne got pictures in the pouring rain. Further south we caught a ferry (hard to believe, huh) in Hatteras to Ocracoke Island. Now we’re having dinner waiting on an 8 o’clock ferry to Cedar Island and our motel room. It’s a 2+ hour ride so no time for anything but a quick shower and bed. We’ll make up some time tomorrow but I have been grounded from ferries for the remainder of the trip!



3 Responses to “Rain and more ferries!”

  1. You girls are making it happen!! Can’t wait to see where you are tomorrow night.
    Peace, love and hugs!!

  2. Why don’t you bring some of that rain over here?

  3. Yes, we need some of the rain in Iowa too!! Sounds like the rain gear may be in order for the rest of your trip. Be careful and stay between the ditches.

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