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I have been banned from even looking at ferries for the remainder of the trip! Besides throwing us off time-wise, it put us at the only motel for miles! And it was horrible!!!! It was so bad we don’t even want to talk about it. Or publish pictures either.

We were (operative word is “were”) making up some time until my bike started exhibiting some problems. But we did get one state line before we wheeled into the Harley shop.


So we have a bad regulator and battery but they are getting us finished up now. Should have time to get another 100 miles before we stop. Just don’t know if I’ll have time to blog.





A lot of these pictures are from the late night ferry ride. It was much nicer than the motel!

So we left Myrtle Beach once today but only got about 40 miles away before I started having problems again! Had to turn around and go back to the dealer. Now they can’t start on it til they open at 9am. If it’s what they think it is THIS time, we should be back on the road around noon. Not exactly what we had planned for the last few days, but we’ll still make our 21 day deadline by Friday!

Tonight we’re doing our laundry and not going to set the alarm. By the time we get to leave town tomorrow, we will be hauling hiney!


Hope y’all sleep as well as we will!


2 Responses to “Banned!”

  1. I can’t wait to see the pics of the gross hotel. You’re going to make the deadline…that’s great!!!

  2. Bon would still be cussing you over the flea bag motel!!!!!!! Hoping you have much better luck with the bikes over the next few days. Ride, Becky, Ride!!! This bucket is almost full! Woo WHoo!!!!

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