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Short and sweet

Ok folks, tonight is going to be short and sweet! Today, we decided, was probably our worst day so far.

Besides having to camp out and wait for HOURS for my bike to be finished, we ran into some more rain and Suzanne started having some steering issues. No one can look at it today though!

So we limped on down to Jacksonville and have a 9am appointment. Our la Quinta ( maybe should call it la punta) is very busy…but not very many cars.

We ran through Georgia so fast we missed the welcome sign. And Florida was no different. No pictures today. But we are alive and well. Just hope tomorrow will be much better!


4 Responses to “Short and sweet”

  1. Oh no! I hope today is a much better day! Be safe. Love you…

  2. Your sis is up awfully early….I think she is looking for me. Just dropped the “time bomb” on my walking partner and he was not to happy. Don’t forget….you # 1 priority is to BE SAFE! Love ya and have a good day!!

  3. Those poor bikes are really getting a workout, but you girls are still hanging tough! I’m in awe of you both!!

  4. Gosh, Girls, I do hope this turns out to be a much better day.

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