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After another crappy day, we finally find ourselves close enough to smell Key West!

Seems to becoming a regular thing with us and mechanical problems. This morning we were at Ademco H-D before they opened. Shortly afterward, they had Suzanne fixed up. The folks at that dealership were so very nice and accommodating. We got a personal tour of one of the oldest, family owned and run dealerships in the country. So much history in that building. We could have looked around for hours!

By the time we were loaded to leave, the rainstorms (along with tornado warnings) had moved in. Hurry up and wait once again.

As we hit the road around 1pm, it was still raining and continued for almost 100 miles. Not to be discouraged, we trudged on. Remember, we have to be in Key West tomorrow to meet our deadline.

We’ve been so focused on finishing this challenge that there have been very, very few pictures the last days. Just a little patience and we can start shooting again.

Tomorrow is the day!


3 Responses to “Smell!”

  1. Almost there! Proud of y’all!

  2. WOO HOOOO!! Git ‘er done!!!

  3. Nothing can hold you tough dames back!! Not weather, not bike troubles, not picture taking. HAHA…just kidding on that last part.

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