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Yes, we can check it off our bucket list! This morning we rolled into our fourth corner, Key West. My trip meter read 10,199 miles. As soon as we had our final gas receipt and official photo, the celebration began.

Suffice it to say that we started with a really good meal and some adult beverages. The motel was expecting us so we parked the bikes, showered and shaved, put on shorts and tennis shoes and drove our little golf cart to town.

We criss-crossed the city several times, taking in the sights and playing tourist the rest of the day. So much more to tell but I think I’ll finish tomorrow. I’m whooped!






4 Responses to “Hurray!!!!”

  1. Mission accomplished! Well Done!!!!

  2. Way to GO GIRLS!!! I never doubted you for a moment. CONGRATULATIONS on the success of your four corners trip. I don’t know about you, but my hiney hurts!!

  3. Congratulations!! Have fun and a safe journey home!


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