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The trip continues

We have had a wonderful time! Yesterday we did the tourist thing most of the day. Everything from the landmarks, to Duval Street, to the turtle races and on to the sunset celebration at Mallory Square. What a way to end our completion of the four corners!

It’s apparent that we have been running on pure adrenalin for the past three weeks. Now that we met our goal, we both are “bottoming out”.

Our return trip home continues to be eventful. The sun was coming up after we were about 30 miles outside of Key West. Aside from my bike spitting and sputtering, it was stacking up to be a great day. Certainly, that wouldn’t last long!

About 25 miles before the Keys ended, the rain moved in. What we thought would be a brief shower turned into a real soaker. For 30-35 miles! Flashers on, driving slowly, we bypassed Miami and headed west on the Tamiami Trail. This would have been a pretty nice, traffic-free drive had it not been for the road construction and additional rain. Oh yeah, and the “check engine” light that came on for me!

Our first scheduled stop was the Harley dealer in Naples for a quick oil change. By the time we arrived I had managed to erase all the fault codes on my bike. It didn’t really matter as they performed diagnostics anyway and found no problem. To top it off, after leaving the dealership, my bike ran as good or better than it had the entire trip.

We had almost dried out after our morning drenchings! North of Tampa was our lofty goal for the day until we noticed more rain clouds. A quick roadside stop to study the radar confirmed our fears. LOTS of rain heading our way! It was a mad dash to the first motel, quickly unloading the bikes. Just in time as the bottom fell out one more time.

We’ve decided that we don’t really care for this Florida weather but we get to hit the sack early. Maybe tomorrow there will be more pictures.






3 Responses to “The trip continues”

  1. So glad to have followed you two since you left us in ShoLow. Sorry your final leg had so much rain. Doesn’t sound too promising for the first part of your homeward bound route. Take care and say Hi to Dotie for us. We enjoyed meeting you ladies and if you are ever up in Washington give us a headsup.Larry & Linda BaughmanFife Wa Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 01:19:15 +

    000 To:

  2. Y’all need to get the heck out of Florida before you get swallowed up by a sink hole!! You have run into just about everything else. I’m with your riding buddy….I’d be in that VW by now, I’m afraid. You may have to take her home in the truck when you make Camden. Hope the weather lets up for y’all to get home but I think we are all under another severe heat wave for a few days.

  3. We’re they serving swords at the cafe where you ate? That looks like a Texas lizard you ran in to. Be careful on your trip home! XOXO!

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