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Winding down

The trip may be winding down but we’re still going strong. Kinda like the energizer bunnies.

Most exciting thing that happened today was NO RAIN! At least not enough to matter. We left the state not feeling much love for the weather there. But make no mistake.. there was plenty of rainwater still standing. After a short cut by the Bellamy Brothers ranch, we bypassed a couple of “road closed” signs and crossed the water. It was when we reached this one..

that we had to find an alternate route.

Actually, some locals saw us parked at the water’s edge and came to our rescue. They told us how to get where we wanted to go but ended up leading us down the dirt road back to our route.


We even thought about taking a quick dip (cause we had sunshine). Once we saw the sign we had to re-think that one!


Finally made it back to our home time zone. Just not sure how long it will take my body to readjust.




Only a couple states away from home now. It’s been fun but it’s time to bring it to a close.


2 Responses to “Winding down”

  1. So glad your ride home is going smoothly. Miss you lots!

  2. Even Mark and Mitzi want to see pics and hear all about this when they get down there in November. You should have the speech perfected by then. OMG girls!! My heart skipped a beat or two reading about the locals leading you down some dirt road. Guess it’s okay since you lived to tell about it, but I was thinking, “Bec, surely you didn’t do that!!!” Glad you are getting close to home.

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