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The end is in sight

Today, while riding, we wore short sleeves for the first time! I know we’re close to home!

Our research tells us that we have crossed 33 state lines in 11,500 miles. We left Oklahoma on July 29th and will be home tomorrow, August 27th. We rode 4 ferries (Suzanne doesn’t know about the last one I have planned for tomorrow)! Never got another chance to stay at a hostel (probably just as well). We packed too much stuff that we never used and could have packed other stuff that we could have used!


We took back roads through Alabama and Mississippi until we got to the Old Country Store for a late lunch. This was a buffet-style eatery that had been featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” with Alton Brown. Can’t say enough good things about this place. We both left miserably full. It was delicious and definitely merits a return trip!



Natchez Trace Parkway carried us the rest of the way to Natchez. First time Suzanne has ridden it and always a favorite of mine. Our last “home away from home” is overlooking the Mississippi River and we have a great view. We’re turning in early so we can make the last day of our journey a short one!



3 Responses to “The end is in sight”

  1. Heck of a trip girls. Know you will both be glad to get home after this great adventure. I fear that y’all had more fun with the super hero than the little grandson can come close to appreciating or comprehending though. I would bet he wins the prize for most distance and most places visited and certainly in the shortest amt. of time. Gonna miss the blog as I have covered lots of territory sitting in this recliner!!

  2. Glad you girls will be home tomorrow… I am proud of both of you…

  3. WOW! It still blows my mind that in 21 days you girls went all the way around the USA and to the four corners. Well done, my friends, well done!!

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