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It’s almost over

December 21, 2013

Our accommodations weren’t fancy at all.  When we pulled into the driveway, we found a cinder block 50’s style ranch home.  No front door – just the one off the carport – plus another one into the sun room.  Kind of a shotgun style floor plan with the den and sunroom on the end overlooking […]

guilty pleasure…

December 15, 2013

Gotta apologize for how lazy I have been this trip!  We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves just hanging out, reading and doing whatever we feel like.  No agenda – hidden or otherwise! Yes, we continue to explore the many culinary delights down this way.  Some we have gone out for and some we have tried on […]

test video

December 11, 2013

gonna see if this works

Bringing you up to speed…

December 11, 2013

It’s been several days since I last posted.  Not sure what happened but here goes again.  I have updated the “Brie-zy” post in case you don’t receive notification of that. The weather has been wonderful so far.  Several mornings start out foggy or overcast but seem to clear before the day is done.  Temperatures have […]


December 8, 2013

Just realized there is something squirrelly going on with the blog. Doesn’t look like half of it is being posted. Will require some investigation before I continue. Bear with me.

It’s been a Brie-zy day!

December 5, 2013

Believe it or not, we are really trying not to overdo it! Although, now and again, a girl just has to try new things! CASE IN POINT – This delicious lobster and brie omelet.  This morning our adventures took us to ANOTHER BROKEN EGG for breakfast.  OMG!  I have died and gone to heaven.  The […]

Bec and Mair’s newest adventure!!

December 3, 2013

Yes, we’re off again! Since Mary’s dad and my mom, both, have had surgery in the past couple of months and they required special attention from us, we decided to reward ourselves with a little holiday trip. Of course we spent Thanksgiving with our families and then we were off. Friday found us in Memphis, […]