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Bec and Mair’s newest adventure!!

Yes, we’re off again! Since Mary’s dad and my mom, both, have had surgery in the past couple of months and they required special attention from us, we decided to reward ourselves with a little holiday trip.

Of course we spent Thanksgiving with our families and then we were off. Friday found us in Memphis, TN for a Phillip Phillips/John Mayer concert before we headed coastal. I’ve got to tell you that we had the worst meal ever since we have been following DDD (Diners, Driveins and Dives) at Neely’s Interstate BBQ. In all fairness, maybe years ago it was the place to go, but by today’s standards, that is no longer the case. There was so much sauce drenching the meat that you couldn’t taste anything but! Hope I can spare a few of you by giving you this little heads-up! On our way south on The Blues Highway, we stopped by the Blue and White Restaurant in Tunica. Now there’s a stop worthy of your time. The Hwy 61 Hobo breakfast was a feast piled high on a nest of hash browns. The biscuits were perfect. And if you’re in the mood for onion rings… this would be the place! This time of year you have to make room for all the duck hunters though.

By Monday we were settled into our new digs for the next three weeks. Destination: Seagrove Beach, FL. An added bonus this trip is a travel companion of the four-legged variety. LiLi, one of our French bulldogs, is with us – not really by our choice but because no one wants to keep her. No, she’s really not that bad. It’s a health thing.








So you see pictures of the concert, Florida welcome center, oysters at The Shrimp Shack, my view for the next few weeks from the sunroom, shrimp and grits plus an apple dumpling at the Whiskey Bravo and, lastly, just one of the sunsets I expect to enjoy!

Not really certain how often I will blog but you can bet if I’ve eaten anything noteworthy or done something special, you will hear about it!


2 Responses to “Bec and Mair’s newest adventure!!”

  1. Hi Girls,
    I love the view from the sun room and the sunset and the apple dumpling looks good! You know my opinion of the rest of that stuff on your plates already. LOL! Get lots of R and R and enjoy this adventure. Hope LiLi learns to like her new boots too. Poor baby!!

  2. I could probably enjoy all but the cockleburrs. Poor Lili..hope she gets uxse to the boots.

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