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It’s been a Brie-zy day!

Believe it or not, we are really trying not to overdo it! Although, now and again, a girl just has to try new things!

CASE IN POINT – This delicious lobster and brie omelet.  This morning our adventures took us to ANOTHER BROKEN EGG for breakfast.  OMG!  I have died and gone to heaven.  The omelet I settled on was stuffed with cream cheese then covered with brie, sauteed lobster, diced tomatoes and scallions.  Somewhere there was supposed to be a light champagne butter sauce…but I’m not sure about that.  Mary ordered an omelet of a different variety that was stuffed with avocado, breakfast chorizo, sauteed onions and green chilis.  OK, I’ve died twice.  We split each and shared.  Definitely will be going bak.  Only disappointment was that it was a chain.  Given that, take note of the name, look them up on the internet and find a location near you.  For sure worth a road trip for this one.

20131205-191539.jpgI think we told you about the sand/grass burrs all over the place.  Rather than spend time trying to pull out all the burrs from LiLi’s paws, we found some booties.  They serve the purpose but she still doesn’t like them!


Sufficiently fueled, we headed out for an afternoon of shopping.  Plenty of outlet stores in nearby Destin.  After visiting Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, UnderArmour, etc. we had loaded up with shorts and t-shirts (because we packed for weather back home) and ONE pair of shoes.  Those of you that know Mary, know that’s kinda hard to believe –  even as awesome as they were!





So, back in Seagrove Beach, we headed to the Meltdown on 30a.  This was a food truck (or airstream trailer) on the town square that specialized in grilled cheese sandwiches of all varieties.  Mary and I split a brie and bacon on cranberry walnut bread and a Cuban McConnel.  Not sure what McConnel had to do with anything but they were both delicious sandwiches.  And we enjoyed them streetside on the metal lawn chairs and table.  Another place we are destined to repeat.20131205-191602.jpg

We ended our day on this note.  Tomorrow will be a do-nothing day.




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