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Bringing you up to speed…

It’s been several days since I last posted.  Not sure what happened but here goes again.  I have updated the “Brie-zy” post in case you don’t receive notification of that.

The weather has been wonderful so far.  Several mornings start out foggy or overcast but seem to clear before the day is done.  Temperatures have been comfortably moderate…not warm enough for me to venture into the water though!  We took LiLi down to the beach one afternoon (gotta wait til they quit patrolling the beach) for her introduction to the sand and ocean.  Much to Mary’s chagrin, she was not nearly as excited about her new experience as we were hoping.  We’ll do it again before we leave, but for now we are all content with watching from the deck or the sunroom.


My plan was to do some serious reading on this trip, something I should do more of.  I’m on my third book (Mary’s probably on her tenth) and I still find it difficult to beat a good John Grisham book.  His latest, Sycamore Row, provided some excellent reading and kept my interest piqued throughout.  Now I’m into a rather short one, “Riding Off the Edge of the Map”.  I’ll let you know about that one.

We’ve enjoyed various meals around the area.  Some good – some we could do without.  The Grits-A-Ya-Ya at the Southern Cafe were pretty good  (I liked the ones at the Whiskey Bravo better) but their fried okra (whole) appetizer was really good.

20131211-133811.jpgThe fried green tomatoes (as seen in background) were good but not very plentiful – 2 slices! Really!  They could take a tip from me about that serving size!  We re-visited Staff’s Restaurant (in Destin).  This was one of our favorites from a previous trip.  Awesome onion rings and the best house-made ranch dressing ever!  Still one of our favorites..


Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a local pet hospital with LiLi.  Seems she has cystitis.  Nothing really serious but it needed some attention.  Had a great experience with this local vet.  And can you believe… she had two Frenchies of her own.  I think if they had had a puppy, it would have looked exactly like LiLi!  Her male was brindle and her female was white.

This trip is our Christmas to each other.  Sure made it easy to shop.  We did add a GoPro camera and I will attempt to attach a clip we’ve been working on.  Mary did the editing and I shot the footage.  My part was the easiest but don’t tell her!  Hope you enjoy and I hope the blog will stay straightened out for awhile….

P.S. Video clip did not work.  I’ll see what I can do about that…


2 Responses to “Bringing you up to speed…”

  1. Hey, you’re baaaack! Glad y’all are having a good time and getting some rest as well as time to read. The little video was cute and I liked the music…feet in the water and butt in the sand…LOL You won’t believe how freakin’ cold it is here!

  2. Thanks for the update to your wonderful vacation! Loving it for ya’ll!

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