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guilty pleasure…

Gotta apologize for how lazy I have been this trip!  We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves just hanging out, reading and doing whatever we feel like.  No agenda – hidden or otherwise!

Yes, we continue to explore the many culinary delights down this way.  Some we have gone out for and some we have tried on our own. Stinky’s Fish Camp was truly delicious.  Neither of us had an entree, we just shared some appetizers.  And it all started with oysters baked 5 ways, served on a plank of driftwood.  We followed with crawfish pie and crawfish tamales then topped it off with a slice of (Southern Living) award winning key lime pie.

20131211-223151.jpg                                             20131211-223133.jpg

We’ve been without LiLi for a few days.  She’s been in the doggie hospital with cystitis and dehydration.  I know that’s kinda hard to believe the way she drinks…  Seems she’s got a few things going on and her appetite has suffered as well.  They have given her IV fluids and basically spoiled her at the hospital (she makes such an impression, you know).  Last night was her first night back with us and I must admit, I slept better.  It’s been a lazy day around here but she has eaten  a bit so maybe she’s on the mend now.  Sure hope so!

One night we decided to fix our own version of baked oysters.  Actually turned out pretty good.  The biggest hurdle was getting the little boogers open and cleaned out.  We baked them with jalepeno, cheddar, bacon and italian cheese.  I’m sure we’ll be bringing some back to share with those of you that are interested.  Also, we baked our version of shrimp in an aluminum pouch with lemon and garlic butter with a little cajun seasoning.  Top it all off with some oven-baked red potatoes.   MMMM, MMMM good!


Real estate around here proves to be quite interesting.  Assuming we were pretty decent judges of property and its value plus its income potential, we noticed a “bungalow” down the street from where we have been situated for the past couple of weeks.  Cinder block construction, an older home (probably some of the original Seagrove, 50’s maybe), neglected outer appearance, separate studio apartment…. but it did have a private pool.  Given all that, Mary and I made a game of guessing its market value (there is a FOR SALE sign by the road).  Once we had shared our estimates of value, I set about trying to find the listing on the internet. WWHHAAATTT!!!!!!  You have got to be kidding.  This was a house that was less than 2,000 sq. feet.  It needed a paint job (unless you like urine yellow).  A couple of the exterior doors were severely rusted.  But the pool was surrounded by a privacy fence.  That had to be IT.  The pool had to be the one factor that jacked the price beyond believable!  Really????  $3,050,000.  You read it right… over 3 million dollars.  I don’t think we will continue our search for income/retirement property around here.

A couple days ago we made a trek toward Panama City (we are staying almost dead center between Destin and Panama City) to the movies.  We were after an IMAX experience and the Hobbit was the one showing.  Great experience.  A little more intense than a regular 3D movie but I think we were sitting a bit too close to the screen since we nursed headaches for 24 hours after the fact.  Or maybe the sound was just too loud.  Or maybe we are just too old!  Regardless, we’ve had the experience now.

There’s been lots of reading and beach gazing this trip.  And some days have been “no bra” days.  All-in-all it’s been a great, relaxing trip. I’ve finished two books and am about 50 pages away from finishing my 3rd.  We’ve played with the GoPro enough to have a pretty basic idea of how it works.  The weather has been pretty decent although I’ve had to turn the heater on twice.  Yesterday I watched a beautiful sunrise and then a rainstorm blow from the Gulf to saturate us the rest of the day.  It still didn’t spoil my view!

The trip is beginning to wind down.  That reality set in today when I made reservations for our motel stay on the way back home.  We should be back in Camden by next Sunday.  Hope the rest of the pooches have been missing us…….

20131215-181828.jpg                    20131215-181756.jpg


2 Responses to “guilty pleasure…”

  1. Yes, we have….oooohhhhh….you mean the ‘other’ pooches. 🙂
    Ya’ll be safe coming back. Love ya!

  2. Safe travels heading for home! Glad y’all have been able to slow down and relax a bit. Doesn’t sound like the house hunting went very well, however!! Good Grief!

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