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It’s almost over

Our accommodations weren’t fancy at all.  When we pulled into the driveway, we found a cinder block 50’s style ranch home.  No front door – just the one off the carport – plus another one into the sun room.  Kind of a shotgun style floor plan with the den and sunroom on the end overlooking the ocean.  Down the hall was the kitchen, a bathroom and one bedroom.  The other side of the hall were two more bedrooms.  This was probably some of the original construction in the area.  PERFECT!  What better setting to effectively chillax for three weeks.  And it worked.

We have really enjoyed our do-nothing vacation and are returning home with a new attitude!  Of course we had plans to do/see a little more while we were here but I have no regrets.

We have enjoyed more seafood than the law should allow cooked all different ways and flavored in ways you couldn’t imagine.  Our last meal tonight we ventured off our seafood saturation trip just a little bit.  But talk about different flavors….  I had to bring a menu home just so I could describe what we had.  Oysters (one more time) as an appetizer.  A few were oven roasted with bacon chimichurri and manchego cheese.  Then there were a few more fried with pork belly (bourbon sugarcane molasses lacquer, chicory slaw, green tomato jam and triple mustard gastrique).  For our entrée we both chose the cranberry chipotle bbq’d filet mignon.  This was a center cut filet on a bed of garlic butter whipped potatoes with char-grilled sweet n’ sour vidalias then the bbq au jus.  Geez looeezze!  No, I couldn’t pronounce half of it and the other half I didn’t have a clue what it was.  But it came together just great!  And we couldn’t leave until we shared a slice of their signature key lime ice cream meringue pie.  Not too sure about the meringue… it was more like marshmallow!

IMG_3989                                      IMG_3991

Estimated time of departure tomorrow morning is 10:00 (maybe earlier if we’re lucky).  Since we have LiLi, we’ll split the trip into two days.  Tomorrow night – Covington, LA.  Sunday night – HOME.  It’s been a great vacation but we’re ready to be back in the real world for awhile!

We sit by the ocean
Our toes in the sand
Pages keep turning
While we churn out a plan. 

Together forever
Enjoying life's journeys
Sipping drinks in the salt air
With none of life's worries. 

As the sandpipers squall
Waves crash on the beach
An unfinished book calls
My cold beer is in reach.

Time ticks away
We know it won't stop
Every minute is ours
So we don't watch the clock.

We glance at each other
With a knowing grin
It's time to go home
To start the countdown again.                      B.Boyd

3 Responses to “It’s almost over”

  1. Loved the poem! “Bec’s a poet and don’t know it, but…….” Aren’t y’all hungry for some peas and cornbread or pan fried potatoes? You really need to send us some Florida sunshine!!!!! Safe travels home, my friends. Glad you’ve had a restful, peaceful get away!

  2. Every time I read these blogs I get hungry. Sounds like it was the perfect get away. I thought the poem was sooo sweet. You, Mair, and LiLi have a safe trip home, and I can’t wait it see the rest of the pics.

  3. When y’all eat with Dot, do you think she’d mind if I came along? Her response made me hungry, too.

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