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Walla Walla, such a great place they named it twice!

August 31, 2014

4am is becoming all too familiar! A storm moved through during the night and left our bikes wet messes. Didn’t take long to dry them off and we hit the road. We had a “ride date” with Sam and Sandy at 6:30. We met the cousins near Boise at the appointed hour and Sam led […]

Day 2 of 3FC

August 30, 2014

No trip is complete without mechanical problems! And this trip is no exception. As I pen this, we are waiting for the service dept to rob parts off of a used bike to repair LouAnn so we can get on down the road. Another 4am departure with plans to keep the speed at or below […]

Where do I start

August 29, 2014

Gosh these past two days have been so much fun and jam packed I just don’t know where to begin… Before I started fighting with the video (and I still haven’t won that one!), we went to breakfast with some of the group to Nogales, AZ.  The Mayor, police, Chamber of Commerce and anyone else […]

Not tonight!

August 28, 2014

Well, besides having problems with the video…the AC in our room decided to give up the ghost! Not in Arizona! Not in August! So the hotel has graciously moved us. Or should I say, disrupted us. Alarms are set for 2:30 in the morning. As upset as we all are, we can’t be distracted. Hopefully […]

1st video

August 28, 2014

3FC-AZ This is all a big test. But if it’s working properly, there should be a 10 to 17 minute video that you can watch. I’ll be back later this evening to update the blog. OK… I’ve already gotten 2 messages that the video isn’t opening.  Still working on it.

Easy Day

August 27, 2014

It’s been a pretty easy day today. We slept in and regrouped some of our packing, had breakfast at the hotel, and went for an oil change before we even left Las Cruces. I was having an issue with my GoPro so the folks at the Harley dealership found an employee that took the time […]

On Our Way

August 26, 2014

Our 4:00 a.m. departure went as planned.  We were trying to beat the heat and the traffic and we were successful with both!  As we pulled out, under the cover of darkness, the temperature was a pleasant 73 degrees.  And we were rewarded with cool temperatures all day long.  Could have even worn jackets and […]

The countdown begins…

August 19, 2014

And so the countdown is on.  Remember last year about this time when Suzanne and I made a ride around the perimeter of the United States?  We are preparing to hit the road again!  Also expecting another rider to join us, Lou Ann.  Not quite as much mileage this time — by the time we […]