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On Our Way

Our 4:00 a.m. departure went as planned.  We were trying to beat the heat and the traffic and we were successful with both!  As we pulled out, under the cover of darkness, the temperature was a pleasant 73 degrees.  And we were rewarded with cool temperatures all day long.  Could have even worn jackets and still been comfortable.  Really?  This is August in West Texas!

We were aiming for Artesia, NM for our first overnight stop.  Lunch was also on the agenda.  After a quick Mexican buffet at LaFonda’s it was decided that we still had some “get up” in our “go”.  It was still early in the day and we were feeling pretty good, so here we go again.

It looks like a really neat ride out US82 across the mountain pass.  And  it was!  Clouds were moving across the peaks  and we could see the rain.  Not to be deterred, our trusty rides carried us through the valleys and across the mountains.  We dodged rain for miles and miles until it appeared that it was going to find us.  Time to suit up…not something that any of us enjoyed.  But, boy, were we glad we did about the time we came through Cloudcroft.  The temperature had dropped from 91 in Artesia to 55 as we trudged through the rain and hail at Cloudcroft.  It didn’t las a long time but we stayed in our suits.  This was probably a mistake since we almost baked once we hit the flatland!

Once we hit Alamogordo, we were only another hour to Las Cruces.  Gotta have my oil changed in the morning so this is where we are catching a few zzzzz’s tonight.  What a fantastic first day.  677 total miles.  We’re only about 250 miles from Tucson, where the rest of the group is gathering.  We’ll see most of them tomorrow.  I better get some rest!


5 Responses to “On Our Way”

  1. Sounds like a great start to your latest adventure. Ride on girls. Keep having fun and being safe. Nice rain here but we sat on the porch and watched it rolling in across the lake!

  2. Sounds like a great first day! You travelled our NM route! I love Las Cruces! Stay safe. Love ya!

  3. Awaiting your next post with anticipation! That’s a lot of miles on your first day! Stay safe, and post often!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you in Idaho!!

  5. You girls have a great time. Know that I’m praying for safe travel for every mile you travel. I enjoy watching your blog and living vicariously through each of you thank you

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