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Easy Day

It’s been a pretty easy day today. We slept in and regrouped some of our packing, had breakfast at the hotel, and went for an oil change before we even left Las Cruces. I was having an issue with my GoPro so the folks at the Harley dealership found an employee that took the time with me to work through it. We watched “how to” videos on YouTube until I think I got it now. Of course nothing is quite that simple. So I’m here in the motel room trying to view the video that I shot and I DO NOT have the micro SD card adapter for my card reader. If there is any decent video, you won’t get to see it tonight! Hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be able to find an adapter.

We were also having issues with our intercom headsets that required a phone call to the manufacturer. They helped us work through the problem but it took 30-45 minutes more. Oh well, we’re all connected again.

The ride into Tucson wasn’t real exciting but it was very comfortable and the scenery was very nice. I never expect Arizona and New Mexico to look the way they do. Yeah, I know some parts of these states aren’t much to look at but then what about the Arkansas delta or western Oklahoma? We could see evidence of the recent flooding (standing water in New Mexico?) The temps remained in the 80’s most of the day…until we started getting closer to Tucson.

Our host hotel greeted us with lots of bikes of all types and lots of bikers from all over. The bulk of the group will arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, we are scheduled to join a small group (70-80) for a breakfast ride to Nogales, AZ. Should be lots of fun and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!IMG_1173


2 Responses to “Easy Day”

  1. Looks like all is well! Got through the technical difficulties today! Enjoy breakfast!

  2. These late night blogs are killing me! Reading this one while heron watching from the front porch early in the morning. Almost as exciting as riding through Iowa corn fields and expecting to see something different, huh?! Roll on ladies.

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