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Not tonight!

Well, besides having problems with the video…the AC in our room decided to give up the ghost! Not in Arizona! Not in August! So the hotel has graciously moved us. Or should I say, disrupted us. Alarms are set for 2:30 in the morning. As upset as we all are, we can’t be distracted. Hopefully the day won’t be quite so crazy tomorrow and I can blog. Until then, goodnight and sleep tight!


3 Responses to “Not tonight!”

  1. Oh no! I hope you get some sleep! Don’t drive sleepy!

  2. I’m with Mindy but know you are going to be driving in whatever condition so try to be safe anyway. Feeling your pain as we have experienced similar motel issues in Arizona heat during our 25 years of passing through there.

  3. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! Make that iced coffee! Be very, very careful!

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