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Day 2 of 3FC

No trip is complete without mechanical problems! And this trip is no exception. As I pen this, we are waiting for the service dept to rob parts off of a used bike to repair LouAnn so we can get on down the road.

Another 4am departure with plans to keep the speed at or below 45mph because of all the wildlife. Turns out that was an excellent idea. We pretty much had the road to ourselves (both ways) except for the deer and the rabbits. Yes, rabbits. It’s their mating season and most if them appeared about the size of a cocker spaniel. Definitely large enough to wreak havoc on a motorcycle in the pre-dawn hours. So by the time we made our first stop, about 2 hours later, we had logged about 95 miles. Still, we were on our way!

We decided on US50/US6 (America’s loneliest highway) to exit Utah. Excellent choice and I didn’t even realize it. It was pretty desolate until we got to the Nevada border. Fantastic is the only way to describe it. The rest of the way into Ely,NV was just gorgeous! Endless sweeping curves, climbing, descending, sweep left, sweep right…. I’m sure you get the picture. A motorcycle junkie’s dream!

From Ely into Twin Falls, ID was straight and flat but ran the length of east and west mountains. After 93 split into 93a, we ran into some pretty dramatic winds. Probably the worst part of the day. But we crossed the Idaho state line and onto our second checkpoint with no other problems.

Now is the time I refer you to the very first paragraph of today’s blog. As we were leaving our checkpoint, LouAnn lost her throttle. Back to the dealer and three hours later we are back on the road.

Another 55 miles down the road and we are in for the night. Chalk this one up as another good day! Tomorrow we are headed to Walla Walla.




2 Responses to “Day 2 of 3FC”

  1. Another great day… Nighty night…zzzzzz

  2. Porch sitting and reading your blog to B while waking up to the world at White Oak! Not quite as exciting as what y’all are doing but it “sho” is peaceful! Did you see the falls in Twin Falls? Been there but in a four wheeler, of course!

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