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Walla Walla, such a great place they named it twice!

4am is becoming all too familiar! A storm moved through during the night and left our bikes wet messes. Didn’t take long to dry them off and we hit the road. We had a “ride date” with Sam and Sandy at 6:30.

We met the cousins near Boise at the appointed hour and Sam led us out. Straight north beside the Payette River. This was the same route he had shared with me on my June visit so I knew the girls would be in for a treat!


And they were not disappointed! Most of the day has been spent referencing or reminiscing about the ride. If we hadn’t been so pressed for time, I’m certain we would have turned around and done it the other direction.

Once we left Sandy and Sam in McCall, we hooked it on around to Hells Canyon for just a bit more excellent riding. We whipped through the canyon floor right alongside the Snake River and the Oxbow Reservoir. And to to top it off, we circumnavigated the Wallows-Whitman NF. After a few miles on the interstate, we exited on OR82 for our last smattering of enviable riding.

I hope you all understand that this is NOT a race. The objective is to merely finish, safely. That being said, we have been dogged for the past few days by the sport bike and Goldwing riders. It’s not that we mind being passed or joked with, but this afternoon we were presented with an opportunity to shut down a few of them. We found ourselves in the front of about 4 or 5 of the “other” bikes. It was late enough in the day that we figured we needed to show them exactly who we were! About 40 miles and countless curves, turns, dips and twists – the other riders hit the checkpoint AFTER us girls. It was a joyous moment in Walla Walla!

I think we’re sleeping in tomorrow morning. Our destination is Harrison Hot Springs, BC and I believe we will wait until about 5:30.




2 Responses to “Walla Walla, such a great place they named it twice!”

  1. Well written, Bec! Better than watching a video anyway as your descriptive words and phrases make us “see” and feel the route with you. Keep ’em rolling safely, girls.

  2. Dot is right. You should start writing books. I’m glad you girls showed the others what you’re made of, not that the rest of us didn’t know.

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