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We have arrived!!!

This day didn’t start like all the rest.  It had already been decided that our departure time would be a bit later.  So after a reallllllly long night’s sleep (I think Suzanne was out by 8:30), we hit the floor at 4:30 for a 5:30 departure.  But by the time we started out the door to load the bikes, the bacon was already frying.  It didn’t take much persuasion for us all to go after breakfast.  This was the first morning so far that we’ve been able to sit down for our coffee.  And the breakfast, I can’t say enough about that, especially since it was also the first on this trip if you don’t count peanut butter crackers and granola bars!

The sun was way up in the sky when we finally got away around 6:45.  Since this was a morning for “firsts”, we also did not top our gas tanks off before we left town.  That was a mistake!   The route I chose this a.m. was scenic, rolling hills and lots of farmland with corn, grapes, hops, etc.  Another eye-opening ride.   Miles and miles of farmland – in an area I don’t give much thought to as a supply source.  We, as a nation, need a better understanding of our food chain.

I digress.  With all the beautiful scenery, my gas gauge had taken a secondary position in my concerns…..until I realized “we haven’t seen a gas station in a while”.  Then we didn’t see one, and we didn’t see one, and where were they?  Panic almost set in!  I had to have a very serious talk with Lola (my gps) and she set us in the right direction – but it was going to be close.  LouAnn and I were down to less than 10-15 mile range when we finally found a Conoco that was closed but the pumps were working.  Hurray!

We hand-picked our continued route through Snake River Canyon and part of the Cascade Loop.  Again, just beautiful.  I continue to gather video, just waiting for some editing help!  Then WA9 north toward the border.  Our crossing was uneventful and much quicker than we expected.


I hope our return crossing is as easy.

We made our way along CA1 to 3 then to Harrison Hot Springs.  The Vancouver Motorcycle Club had their welcoming committee out in force.  They assisted us with our checkpoint, hotel check-in and parking.  YAAAAAY!  We made it.  As we made our final checkpoint, we were rewarded with a handshake, a very handsome belt buckle, and water and snacks.  Remember, it’s not a race!  But my new idol/nemesis came in MILES behind me!


We visited with several of the riders last night and walked down the street to enjoy a nice meal overlooking the lake.  No alarm this morning!  Wasn’t that nice.








2 Responses to “We have arrived!!!”

  1. Good job!!
    I can’t help but notice the bike on the belt buckle is a Street Glide!

  2. Yes, no alarm IS nice! Maybe we will get more food posts on the return trip. LOL! Have most of the riders finished the race now?
    Yall relax and enjoy and safe travels home!

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