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Back in the USA

I could hear the bikes beginning to leave the hotel at 3:00 this morning.  The end to a very enjoyable event.  I was awake at 4:30 and it was a bit early so I just laid in bed and wrote the blog that I should have written last night.  By 5:30 I was out of bed and starting my morning ritual.  And at 6:00 I woke the other two.  It was going to be a later departure so we could hit one Canadian Harley dealer.  Wiping down soaking wet bikes, saying goodbye to new friends and strapping on all the luggage. It was kinda sad this morning.

As it happened, we arrived two blocks from the dealer about an hour before they opened so we found an IHOP for coffee and breakfast.

The dealership was very friendly and the owner stopped and chatted us up too.  He helped us wheel our bikes to the service door to check air pressure and help us on our way.  The border crossing was pretty uneventful (I guess we looked pretty innocent).  Retrieved our lock-box stuff and back on the good ol’ USA roads (I don’t care for kilometers, and the weather was too hard to figure in celcius).

We took the Cascade Loop again this year since LouAnn hadn’t been that way.  Aside from there being too much traffic, it was a wonderful ride.






Temperatures were all over the place… from 49 to 71 with a little bit of rain thrown in. By the time we reached Republic, WA (our overnight stop, at a hotel built in 1899 – and still the original mattresses!) the temps were heading south and here came the rain. It didn’t last long but what’s that going to do to tomorrow? Looks like Glacier NP is at 29deg and that’s the direction we’re headed. Better bundle up!


3 Responses to “Back in the USA”

  1. I would love to go to Glacier National Park! 29 degrees doesn’t even sound too bad right now. Y’all enjoy!

  2. I agree somewhat with Mindy but having driven across 80 from Salt Lake into Nebraska following an early October snow storm, not so much!! The cool weather would be welcomed in these parts though. You are in some beautiful scenery! Be careful and roll safely.

  3. Sounds like Heaven to me!! Be safe!!

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