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Wouldn’t you know that our “down” day in Canada was plagued with rain all day long and into the night. So the plans we had for doing a bit of riding were washed out!

We had already dressed for a day of riding so we felt it was only appropriate to hang out a bit in the hotel wearing our gear. Still want these folks to know what we’re made of.

Since there wasn’t much else to do, we continued making new friends and visiting with the less-new ones.

Our banquet was lots of fun and full of information. The oldest male rider was 88 years old, female 70, youngest was 17! A very diverse group. Of the 250+ bikes that made the trip, the top three were Harley, BMW, and Honda – and not in that order! Not very often do we ride that we aren’t the “leaders of the pack”. This is the 39th year of this ride, and there were about 20 of us virgins. And it was funny that when speaking with the veterans, all of them had returned MULTIPLE times for this! The two that had returned the most – 36 years, and one of those was a woman. Plans are already being made for next year’s route and based on my experience this time around, I can understand why folks return year after year.

We will be exiting Canada this morning after an obligatory stop at a Harley shop! Back in touch with our part of this continent before noon, we should be a few hundred miles down the road by the end of the day. Hope the roads are dry!



One Response to “Rain!”

  1. Riding in the rain is not much fun so here’s wishing you dry roads ahead!

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