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This morning we had to wipe the frost from our bikes before we could think about hitting the road.   It was somewhere around 36 or 37 as we packed up and headed out.  Layered and bundled up, we could see the sun ahead as the morning mist/fog rose from the mountains.  Wa20 looked to be the kind of route we wanted to take. Winding through the Colville NF until we hit Kettle Falls.  At that point it was like someone dropped the curtain. Where did the sun go?  Sometime it would drizzle, the rest of the time it was just foggy.  But ALL THE TIME it was cold!

By the time we had crossed the Idaho state line (twice this trip), we had talked ourselves into a cup of Wendy’s chili.  Unable to find one of those, Suzanne remembered when we stayed in Sandpoint last year and what we both had for dinner that night.  The most memorable fare was my beer cheese soup.  I can go for that.  We tracked down MickDuff’s Pub and Brewery and had to kill some time until they opened at 11.  We all had the cheese soup.  I even had some hot tea and I never drink that. We all needed this stop!

After that very warming break, we traveled a bit further north through Bonners Ferry (and almost back into Canada) before we turned south and east again, crossing the Montana line,  before landing in Kalispell  for the night.



I’ve posted this picture for some of my closest!  I knew they would appreciate it.  We landed the “I Love Lucy” room this time.  I know!  Just let your imagination run wild.

Today we dodged deer, drove through way too much construction and still arrived in Kalispell in time for an oil change on Suzanne and LouAnn’s bikes.  Everything checked out ok.  LA will need some brake work when she gets home.  Aside from that we should be good for several more miles.

We’ve been checking the weather in Glacier NP for the last few days just trying to determine if we will be able to ride through.  Some snow on Tuesday but it should be warmer tomorrow.  Now the problem is the road construction.  Folks have told us (and I have confirmed through the park service) that there is major road construction on the east side.  It amounts to about 9 miles of packed gravel.  The group plans to vote tonight.  Either way we go, tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day and we’re going to have a great ride.



One Response to “Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!”

  1. We were four wheeling it home for 12.5 hours today so just read this from last night. We were definitely NOT cold on our ride although would have gotten very wet at sone point had we not be in an inclosed vehicle. Free car wash! I do think y’all are having more fun than we did on our drive today. Could make this sound exotic by talking about traveling the GRR but will refrain!

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