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purple mountains majesty

wooooooo!  I’m tired, full and ready to hit the bed.  I’m going to shut it down in about 20 minutes so wherever I am in this essay will end.  I’ll pick it back up tomorrow.

First, a couple of humorous things before I forget them again.  We have to check Suzanne each morning before we leave the room.  Seems a few days ago, she caught herself with her UnderArmour shirt on backwards before we left.  I think she noticed the logo in the wrong place.  This was one of our “layering” days and she had a long-sleeve henley style shirt on over it.  As the day progressed and we all got warmer, she thought she would unbutton her shirt to help cool off.  Next thing we knew, she was laughing so hard that we thought she was going to run off the road!  Apparently, she had put her henley on wrong as well and the buttons were going down her back.  Not quite sure how you can do that and not notice so we try to keep a more watchful eye on her now!

The other thing is when we arrived at our motel tonight, there was a church bus unloading some seniors, some with luggage, some just struggling to get inside.  When I walked in to register, there was a fellow also checking in wearing a Harley t-shirt from Alabama.  I made the comment that he was a ways from home, blah, blah, blah.  One thing led to another and it turns out the church bus is from First Assembly of God in Eldorado, AR!  They do a senior trip every year with the Baptist church and one other in Eldo.  We all got a chuckle out of that one, then the night manager told us his family lived in Stamps, AR!!!!   What are the odds????  This world is getting smaller all the time!

This was yet another chilly morning but we are still trying to get a jump on our day by leaving at a reasonable hour.  First of all, we had to change our plans so that we didn’t make the “Road to the Sun” due to 9 miles of gravel on the east side of Glacier NP.  We could have ridden to the pass then turned around but that would have taken too much of the day and we would have had to stay in Kalispell another night.  So off we went about 7:00 this morning.  Weather was beautiful.  Sun was shining.  We stopped and took pictures of the Flathead River before we began our ascent to loftier elevations.

IMG_1294 IMG_1295

As you can see, the clouds were hanging very low on the mountains.  Beautiful at first, but about 10 miles past Glacier, we could hardly see.  Kinda defeated the whole purpose of leaving after sunrise.  So around we turned, found the first cafe, went in for a hot breakfast and lots of coffee while the clouds lifted.  Much, much better.

We stayed on US2 around the southern side of the NP until we picked up US89 south (yes, we are headed back!).  We took a little side road to get some pics and decided to stay on it for awhile.  Probably one of the best decisions made all day.  Rolling, winding terrain with range cattle and wild horses – plus some fenced ones too.


It was along this stretch that we began noticing the purple mountains majesty and the amber waves of grain.  Sounds corny, I know, but it was beautiful.  Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that kinda nails it too…NO FARMS – NO FOOD!  We understand Montana as the Big Sky Country but today we also recognized the massiveness of the agriculture industry here.  Just amazing.

We followed US89 into Great Falls where we had to make a Harley stop.  Then picked it up again outside of town.  This stretch of US89 turned into a designated scenic highway…. and that it was.  Not knowing what we would encounter when we chose this highway, it could not have worked out any better.  More pictures will follow as we pulled over from time to time to snap away.


From here we rolled into White Sulphur Springs, MT for the night.  You already know the rest of that story.  Tomorrow it’s on to Beartooth Pass!


2 Responses to “purple mountains majesty”

  1. Wonderful words sister. You paint a pretty picture. Sounds like a trip I would love….except maybe in a car! Love you. Continue to be careful. M

  2. What Mindy Said!

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