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where do I start

First of all, aside from the problems yesterday, it was probably the best riding day ever.  I even had to agree with Suzanne that the roads we were on yesterday topped any on our long trip last year!  We endured some awful road construction on the way into Red Lodge, MT (but the scenery was wonderful).  A quick stop there and we began our ascent to Beartooth Pass.  Before we even reached the summit, the GoPro mount broke and the camera went rolling onto the highway.  Thankfully, it didn’t roll off the road and down the mountain.  It was still filming when we went back to retrieve it!  And it seems to be working fine.  So after supper last night I hooked ’em to WalMart in search of a new mount arm.  Success.  We are back in business.

Another road on the way into Cody was the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.  I’m not quite sure how I’ve missed both of these roads as many times as I’ve been up this way.  But you can bet that I won’t miss them again.  These are “turn around, let’s do it again” worthy!!

A leisurely departure this morning from Cody.  It was almost 8 o’clock by the time we gassed and headed to Yellowstone.  LouAnn has only seen it from the air, so it was a necessity that we make it to Old Faithful.  We did, with no problem, encountering moose, deer, antelope and buffalo along the way.  Traffic through the park was pretty slow even though school has started for everyone.  Being Sunday, I would have thought it wasn’t so busy but I was wrong.  Still, a great leg of our journey!

IMG_1374    IMG_1384

Just a minor glitch as we left Old Faithful.  Seems there is a bridge out between the geyser and the southern-most exit.  Of course, that’s the we were headed.  Backtrack, regroup and see where we end up.  Our original plan was not going back into Montana or Idaho but that’s where we ended up today.  We have stopped in Driggs, ID for the night.  Beautiful view of the Tetons and a cute little town.  We shut down early and are doing laundry, tightening loose bolts and repacking.  Tonight we are watching the weather.  Somehow we are going to have to avoid the rain that seems to be moving into our line of travel.  So much for side trips, scenic highways or byways and special detours.  I think the smell of home is in the air!




2 Responses to “where do I start”

  1. Wonderful trip–as always. Miss and love you!

  2. Be careful in the thunderstorms and rain. Some of those are supposed to be bad and dump lots of rain in a short amount of time. Glad you have been seeing the beautiful sights along the routes you’ve chosen!

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