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South bound

Today we crossed two state lines (Wyoming and Colorado) even though only one was a new one.

As we left Driggs, ID the sun was coming up and the commuter traffic into Jackson Hole was already moving. We fell into line and over the mountain we went. Once at the summit we could see the valley below, nestled under a blanket of fog or cloud – what’s the difference. It was so beautiful with the tree tops and mountain peaks slicing through. Pretty to look at but NOT SO PRETTY TO DRIVE IN once we descended a couple thousand feet. By the time we rolled through Jackson and Hoback Junction it was beginning to lift and the temps were warming.

Our goal today was to cover some ground! So once out of the Tetons we picked up I-80 for a few hundred miles. CAUTION SEVERE WINDS and they weren’t lying! We fought the wind all the way across the bottom of Wyoming! When we reached Laramie, we turned south and got out of some of the wind.

From that point, the scenery improved again. We crossed into Colorado and made our way through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, through the red rock formations. Today we saw lots and lots of pronghorn sheep, plus deer. And Suzanne finally got to see an elk! Thank goodness. The only thing she failed to spot was a bear. Maybe next year.

Tonight we are in Fort Collins, CO and planning an early departure tomorrow. Like I said, the smell of home is in the air!



2 Responses to “South bound”

  1. Weren’t you seeing antelope in Wyoming along I-80? Usually there are herds of the little boogers around Laramie. I rode the lawn mower for about 5 hours today but didn’t see any interesting critters. Steer clear of the floods out West!

  2. Well, there goes my diet! I think I gained 5 lbs. just looking at that food. I hope it was as good as it looked!

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