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Another fabulous trip! Over 7,000 miles of one big loop. 14 US states – some of them 2 or 3 times, Mexico and Canada. National parks and forests too numerous to count. 1 repair at the dealership in Twin Falls, ID and one roadside repair at the Idaho/Oregon border. Neither very serious. Two melted rain pants, 1 shredded microphone sock and one bounced helmet. 15 days on the road – PRICELESS!

This is where we usually share some words of wisdom from the road…

LouAnn shared her road thoughts first.

The 3 flags adventure overcame any doubts. The challenge overcame the fatique.

The newness of the road was awe inspiring and kept me looking forward to the next curve.

The best was miles and miles, no big cities. Miles and miles, no cars. Miles and miles, no billboards. Miles and miles of the best place to live in the whole world.

(Borrowed quote) “Insisting on perfect safety is for people who don’t have the balls to live in the real world.”

Still need earplugs. Still need to change my long underwear. And still need a cold Draft with friends at the end of the day!

Personally, I find that I continue to be surprised. No matter how many miles I have traveled or the sights I’ve seen, there is always more jaw-dropping beauty around the next curve or beyond the closest mountain peak. And beauty is not prejudiced, finding itself in a desert cactus, a mountain stream or vermillion cliffs.

After our morning ride with Sam and Sandy, we experienced several more roads that begged “Sam’s rule”. You kinda had to be there but, in a nutshell, it translates to push the boundaries and test yourself. In other words, if the speed limit sign says 25 through that curve, then try it at 40!

CW Post helped pave the way for us.

After driving through Kansas, there are two things that make more sense: Dorothy’s imagination and the Wizard of Oz movie.

Gravel didn’t miraculously get easier to ride on since last year and we rode on it a lot!

Becky, there’s a deer!

Clouds on the mountains are beautiful to look at but really suck when you have to ride in them.

You can’t hear conversations through your headset if you are wearing ear plugs.

After traveling with me, you need a vacation to recover. And you have to sight see really, really fast.

Beware of white pickups and Subarus. They aim for motorcycles.

To Goldwings and the adventure touring group… the gray space between the two center yellow lines is NOT your personal passing lane. And put some louder pipes on those things so we have a little warning when you blow by us.

Becky, watch out for that deer!

We think our moms are glad we’re home. And we did them proud because no matter how far from home you are, you will run into someone you know every time.

I’m done rambling! Suffice it to say, it was a good trip. Can’t wait for the next one!



2 Responses to “7143.5”

  1. Sounds like another good trip. You would have loved the roads we traveled yesterday! C0 71 south to CO 10 to 160 then 149 into Creede. 71 and 10 with almost no traffic. Traffic on 160 and 149 but the beautiful scenery made up for it. Glad you had a good ride and are back home safely.

  2. Great memories! And sounds like lots of deer sitings. 🙂

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