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Man, those balls are huge!

It was going to be a motorcycle trip with (cousins) Julie and Phil but I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be.  Between all the rain, graduation and a few other things beyond our control, our plans changed. 

The first change was the mode of transportation. All this rain is wreaking havoc on my riding.  Ok, a trip in a cage beats no trip at all.  That is until you lose your traveling buddies.  J and P have been unable to make a bike trip with us these past 2-3 years. So we were excited about this one.  Phil scheduled his time off but who wants to burn good vacation days and not ride their bike???  Understandably, they decided to save the vaca days for another time.  

Mary and I are winging it on our own. We’ve altered the plans just a bit…no bayou cabins this trip.  Still, this promises to be a fun few days. 

Due south from Camden to Alexandria, where we pick up I49 AND lunch.  My navigator was busy working the “Yelp” app and we settled on Quebedeaux’s Boudin and Cracklins. Before we go any further – fair warning – this blog will (most likely) be focused on food for the next few days.  

Back to the boudin. Good gosh! You should have seen the size of those balls! Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life but I’m accustomed to seeing these about golf ball size. What we enjoyed today was the size of an orange.  Our shared plate included 3 boudin balls (1 each stuffed with pepper jack cheese, jalapeño cream cheese and a plain one), 2 boudin rolls (kinda like an egg roll but made with boudin, battered and fried) and some fresh fried cracklins. Yep, we’re in Louisiana. 

Back on the road to our day’s destination…Plaquemine. But wait,  a Denham Springs detour! Who knew there was a Bass Pro Shop here?  Only a few more hours to shop… Hurry. 


3 Responses to “Man, those balls are huge!”

  1. Y’all have so much fun traveling! Hope you have sunny days and lots of good food!

  2. Yep, found the blog so will keep track of your travels and eats! Have fun!

  3. It would appear that the only way to eat that is with one’s eyes closed.

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