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No beignets

I know I said we were going for beignets this morning…just a minor change in plans. We started our day’s adventures with the riverfront cable car. Long wait for a short ride. Still, it was pleasant. Not crowded at all, open air.  But, hey, we were doing it! 


 By the time we got to the French market, it felt more like lunch than breakfast. 

Central Grocery – their claim to fame being the creator of the muffuletta. Definitely a tasty sandwich. Just enough to fuel us for our journeys on the cable cars of New Orleans. This is going to be fun.  Wait for it….it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. After reading and hearing all the hype, we were thinking more tourist – less public  transportation. Not! We were riding cram packed, elbow to elbow with all the working (and non-working) stiffs in NOLA, plus all the tourists that thought the same as us!  We tried different lines and routes – still the same. Alright, we ended that adventure a little early. 

A brief rest and cool-off before we crossed the river to eat seafood “where the locals eat”.  Zydeco’s in Belle Chasse for a seafood buffet.  I know Mary didn’t enjoy her fried shrimp platter nearly as much as I  enjoyed the king crab on the buffet!  Awesome!!!

 before…  after…

Our plans tonight included the Jazz show at Preservation Hall.  This was a great show in one of the original music venues in the city. And I don’t think the seating or the cooling had changed much since day 1!  Wooden benches and ceiling fans. Kinda glad it didn’t last longer than an hour. 


But not before we enjoyed a couple of cocktails at the world famous Pat O’Brien’s. Man, we are wore out!  Caught a pedal cab back to the condo so we can hit the hay and get ready for tomorrow.  Surely we can find some more food that will interest you😆.



4 Responses to “No beignets”

  1. Looks like an exciting day. Pat O’Brien’s is usually fun if you can still walk when you leave! Was there many years ago when I was young and foolish!! LOL!

  2. It looks like a Hoover vacuum cleaner got after that King Crab. There’s not a tiny bit of meat left. Yummy.

  3. So happy y’all are enjoying your trip! You always find the coolest things to do!

  4. Miss being with you both

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