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Le bon temp roule’

And did we ever have a good time in the Big Easy…..

We were leaving our French Quarter condo this morning so I figured Mary would appreciate a hand delivered begniet.  I made a short hike to Cafe du Monde via Jackson Square and picked up an order of the powdery treats!


Soon after that delicious sweet doughy goodness, we were loading up. Since our cable car trip the day before was a disaster, we decided to drive through the garden district. Great, old homes and lots of road construction. Understand now why the trolley couldn’t make the trip. 

We have crammed quite a bit into the last couple of days! Most especially FOOD‼️ NOLA, such a great place to sample food. 

No eating for the next several hours as we make our way to Luling and a swamp adventure. 





Had a great time with this guy collecting spiders, baby gators, viewing the swamps, even took us to view a bald eagle nest. Very colorful character  that seemed to know a lot about the Louisiana swamps. These airboat tours continue to be very entertaining and I’m certain this will not be the last one.

Our next couple of nights will be at a fish camp in Slidell, on one of the canals around Lake Pontchatrain.  Some down time. I had plans to do some crabbing while we are here but can’t seem to muster the energy to do even that. I can tell you that I’ve not spotted any gators near our dock. We have seen a few fishing boats cruise by and a couple of pigeons procreating. That’s been the extent of our excitement here. We have decided to shorten our trip a couple days and will head back to Camden tomorrow. Hope you’ve had fun with us…and gotten your fill of seafood😝.  Till next trip….



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  1. Yes.. I have enjoyed reading your blog….be careful coming home.

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