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And the adventure begins!

Well, we had to start the trip one short. Sue has had the bug the last couple days and didn’t feel it would be too smart to get that far away from home – and commandeering a bike to boot! Gonna miss the Hill Country expert.

To begin with, I must say it was a “smidge” cooler than we were expecting this morning.

All 3 of us left our heavy jackets behind.  😱  Once the cloud cover disappeared, the sun warmed to a balmy 62•. Of course that didn’t happen til after noon. And it still didn’t calm the blustery winds.

Lunch stop in Buffalo and we’re off again. Yes, the flowers are blooming. Not really abundant (tomorrow should be the big day) but still pretty. Thank you Lady Bird!   …<insert teaser pics>


We weren’t too much further (approx. 120 miles) til the crossroads in Elgin loomed. Lo and behold, just across the highway was the oldest BBQ joint/meat market/sausage factory in the state. Can’t pass that up! Some stuff to go and a couple samples while we were there. Delicious!! Easy to see why they’ve been in business so long.

Next stop is Fredericksburg and our abode for a couple nights.

It was a short hike to Main St for appetizers, liquid refreshments etc.  Silver Creek Beer Garden & Grille enjoyed our company and we enjoyed their fare…chili, fried Brie in a creamy shrimp and tomato sauce, chili cheese fries and creme brûlée! Yum! Yum! Oh yeah, how about that pineapple jalapeño margarita! Now to hike back to our room and work some of this off!


5 Responses to “And the adventure begins!”

  1. Thanks for the pictures and update of the trip.

  2. Looks like a really great start to your trip! And of course you never go hungry! Lol! Have fun! Love ya!

  3. I LOVE your posts! Be safe and enjoy the bluebonnets! Looks like a wonderful trip.

  4. That rita sounds good! I can’t remember seeing you with your face covered up to beat the wind and cold, so it must be more than a smidgen cold. Love the pics of the flowers, and the food sounded good, too. Be careful, and have fun!

  5. You’re actually pretty early for the bluebonnet in the hill country. It’s been wet but warm the last few weeks. Usually best time is first and second week of April. We ride them as well. A few years back they had had good snow and ice. The locals said it was the best season in 30 years. In Big Bend it’s been pretty warm so they could be really good. Enjoy our beautiful rugged country side.

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