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And in conclusion..

September 28, 2016

Alright, I’ve been trying to write this since we got home. Not certain if I haven’t been successful because I didn’t want the trip to end or if I’ve been too busy playing catch-up! Let’s just assume it was the first reason.  WOW! WHAT A TRIP!!! I can’t say it enough…what a trip. The timing […]

Oh yeah! Winding down. 

September 23, 2016

Not going to be a blog tonight. We are entirely too busy swapping tales. And inspecting Pam and Dale’s new purchase! Promise to post tomorrow night.  

It was a good day!

September 23, 2016

Suffice it to say that this has been, yet another, good day. Morning started with the motel breakfast, birthday wishes and beautiful weather! KSU at 7:00 headed to Canon City along US50. Awesome ride even if we did have to add and take off clothes more than once.  Once we were headed south the terrain […]

And today we conquered THE PEAK!

September 21, 2016

Our day started out pretty dreary. It had rained during the night and we wiped the bikes down 2-3 times before the drizzle finally stopped. Add to that the cooler temps and we all left the motel pretty unrecognizable with all our foul weather gear on!   Had to make a “hearty” breakfast stop at […]


September 20, 2016

Personally, I gauge the success of a group ride by a few things.  First, how well the group gets along. Based on what I’m experiencing – this has not been a problem. We aren’t all morning people but most of us can be chided into a smile or two.  Second, that the group is aware […]

Blog worthy…

September 19, 2016

A few things come to mind – the word formidable, rock formations, Four Corners Monument, Long slow sweepers and Durango H-D. All were experienced today! Our morning started with a little more sunlight but a lot less heat! It was about 46• when our kickstands went up at 7:30.  Saw lots of neat things including […]

Day 2 with this biker gang!

September 18, 2016

Another on time departure. And according to our Holly-mile-o-meter, we covered about 415 miles today.  Woohoo!!! It was a chest-thumping, ear-to-ear grinning, picture-taking tourist, outlaw biker gang kind of day.  Our first roadside attraction was the infamous Cadillac Ranch. And we’re still trying to remember the story behind it all… Our next attraction was only […]

Is this thing working??

September 17, 2016

Got some stuff to share with y’all…only if this is working though! We all had to get up before breakfast this morning. Twenty of us are headed to Colorado for some beautiful riding!  As you can see, it was still a little dark when Kevin blessed our bikes, the trip, the weather, our luggage and […]