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Is this thing working??

Got some stuff to share with y’all…only if this is working though!

We all had to get up before breakfast this morning. Twenty of us are headed to Colorado for some beautiful riding!  As you can see, it was still a little dark when Kevin blessed our bikes, the trip, the weather, our luggage and our souls. Thanks so much for starting us off on the right foot Kevin! And thanks for the personal sendoff from Dan and Jerry. 

The weather decided to cooperate this a.m. No rain and a comfortable 75•. Pulled out of the dealership on time and we were off!  Watching the sun rise in our rear view mirrors, the whole group seemed excited. 

Down I30 to 82W. We had three more to pick up in Dekalb. We never stopped – just slowed enough where they could fall right in behind us. We’re good like that!

First fuel/rest stop was Sherman and things were running smoothly. Aside from coming through some pretty thick fog beginning at Reno and lingering til Bonham, the sun was out and things were warming up!

Timing is everything, as you all know. And had we been 10 minutes earlier we could have been featured in the homecoming parade in Henrietta, TX (I just know it). As it was, we were routed through the detour. Darn. 

At Wichita Falls, US287 was the chosen route. Even managed to get through there without much trouble. 

Lunch came early, but then we left early. Rafter J BBQ in Iowa Park is certainly worthy of a stop.  This was less than 10 miles from WF so some of the group decided to backtrack and hit the Harley shop. They didn’t bring too many bags after their shopping trip though. Anyway, we all were reunited at our motel for the night. 

I am happy to report that everyone is still on speaking terms and having a good time. We’re leaving at 7 again so I’m leaving you now. 


3 Responses to “Is this thing working??”

  1. Where did you stop for the night?

  2. It works Beck!!

  3. Yes it works, Beck! Be safe.

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