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Day 2 with this biker gang!

Another on time departure. And according to our Holly-mile-o-meter, we covered about 415 miles today.  Woohoo!!!

It was a chest-thumping, ear-to-ear grinning, picture-taking tourist, outlaw biker gang kind of day. 

Our first roadside attraction was the infamous Cadillac Ranch. And we’re still trying to remember the story behind it all…

Our next attraction was only 45 miles down the road but it was special enough to capture us for longer than I was expecting.  Of course that could be blamed on the pie or the gift shop.  Either way, we all had fun. 

And then we met Fran. She was the inspiration for Flo in the movie “Cars” and the original owner of the V8 Cafe (also in the movie). Really nice lady and fun to talk with. 

Ok, on down the road to Tucumcari for fuel and lunch before we started heading north to Taos. 

It’s been a great trip but I think everyone started getting a real feel for it when we left I40.  A definite change in the topography and scenery overall. Rolling hills and mesas until we got to Las Vegas then it changed elevation and got lots curvier. But the best is still to come!

So we are bedded down in Taos for the night. Sleeping in tomorrow…kick stands up at 7:30. 


5 Responses to “Day 2 with this biker gang!”

  1. Great trip guys!!Stay safe!!Thanks for the posts Becky!!

  2. I think you should start your day every day by listening to “The Leader of the Pack”!! Roll on Bec and the “gang”. Be safe folks.

  3. You should write for road trippers!! Be safe. Looking forward to the next installment.

  4. Oh good!!! We can follow you guys! Enjoy..

  5. Becky Boyd, you are the best road captain ever! It’s always a delight to ride with you and Mary. Your MC gang are lucky to have you. I assume you ARE gonna travel the million
    Mile Hwy! Ride safe

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