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Blog worthy…

A few things come to mind – the word formidable, rock formations, Four Corners Monument, Long slow sweepers and Durango H-D. All were experienced today!

Our morning started with a little more sunlight but a lot less heat! It was about 46• when our kickstands went up at 7:30.  Saw lots of neat things including the Rio Grande River gorge, all the earth homes, deer, turkey, free range cattle, antelope and all the beautiful scenery in between. 

By the time we made it to Farmington, the temps had climbed to 90•. And my first mistake of the trip…4 Corners HD was closed today. Don’t think the crew will let me live that one down.  Also one mechanical failure. That was repaired at Durango under warranty so she’s good for the rest of the trip!

That brings us to our hotel! How cool…studio rooms overlooking the narrow gauge rail. Beautiful view. 

Day would not be complete without a healthy supper… This is how outlaw bikers roll!

No… we do not have the munchies!


One Response to “Blog worthy…”

  1. Great pics. I know you all are having a great time. I can still feel the rumble of my Harley, so I’m with you heart and soul.

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