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Personally, I gauge the success of a group ride by a few things.  First, how well the group gets along. Based on what I’m experiencing – this has not been a problem. We aren’t all morning people but most of us can be chided into a smile or two.  Second, that the group is aware and respects everyone’s different riding style and ability.  Again, as a group, I am witnessing more than just tolerance. Patience and assistance come to mind!  Third, the “subject matter” of the ride. This would include routes, roads, scenery, accommodations and attractions. While it may be too early for the group to make a call on this, I’m going to call it! Of course, by the time we get back to Texarkana, they may change their opinion of me!!!

Today was a short mileage day..but lots of saddle time. And they couldn’t have been any better!!

This morning several of us ventured back to town for breakfast.  I had been there before and just hoped they liked it as well as I did. 

I think this was a success too. 

So after breakfast (some were jealous) it was kickstands up and we were on our way down the Million Dollar Highway headed to Silverton. This was just our first leg today and already we were wondering how it could get any better! BUT IT DID! Over and over.  

Next we were off to Ouray, more fantastic riding and unbelievable fall colors. Our stop there allowed us to enjoy lunch on Main St on the patio..people and vehicle watching. A tiny bit of shopping and we were off again. 

A fuel stop in Montrose before we hit CO92 (West End Loop scenic byway). One small mechanical issue. The crew took a look – I’m going to let you caption the photo yourself. Anyway, we think it’s fixed but will check with Harley shop in Colorado Springs tomorrow. 

From there we made our way onto CO92. OMG!!! Yellows, oranges, reds. We could not have timed this trip any better (have I already said that?). 

We have landed in Gunnison for the night and everyone is already sharing photos and stories!



2 Responses to “Success!”

  1. I am loving this!!! SO glad it’s going well…in both group and sights.

  2. I was wondering if the trees have started changing. Im glad you are all having a huge time. I can still feel the rumble of my Harley, and the wind in my face, so I am with you heart and soul!

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