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And today we conquered THE PEAK!

Our day started out pretty dreary. It had rained during the night and we wiped the bikes down 2-3 times before the drizzle finally stopped. Add to that the cooler temps and we all left the motel pretty unrecognizable with all our foul weather gear on!  

Had to make a “hearty” breakfast stop at the W Cafe. Quick service and delicious food set us on the road to accomplishment today!

I got my roads a little turned around this morning. Can’t imagine that!  For some reason I thought the Salida fuel stop came before Monarch Pass. Not! This could have been a crucial error since we all ate a big breakfast! Thank goodness there were facilities at the top of the summit. 

Not much else (except more beautiful scenery) until we got to Pikes Peak. 

This 38 mile round trip was intimidating to most of us. 14,000+ feet elevation is nothing to sneeze at (especially if you can’t get your breath). But we all hunkered down for the challenge. After we all received numerous tips and hints about how to tackle THE PEAK, all 20 of us set off for the summit. Slow and steady proved to be the best advice. We stopped once on the way up to layer on some more clothes since the temp at the summit was 32• and with the wind chill, 16• 

Once at the top, with no air to breathe, our outlaw biker gang was moving a bit trepidatiously (I had to look that one up). More group photos and meandering slowly around the top. Some even shopped a bit. We knew the descent was going to complete our mission so there was no point procrastinating!  The clouds were moving in and moisture was beginning to fall. There was some discussion about it being sleet or snow…I just know I didn’t want to stick around for the debate. Once we gathered at the bottom of the hill, there were several whoops and hollers as we celebrated our success!

On a somewhat similar note… although all of us conquered the PEAK today, it looks as though the summit conquered one of our own….

Colorado Springs is our turnaround point so our return trip commences tomorrow. KSU comes early!


One Response to “And today we conquered THE PEAK!”

  1. I am totally out of breath and freezing just reading about this adventure!
    Would have needed an oxygen tank for sure!

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