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It was a good day!

Suffice it to say that this has been, yet another, good day. Morning started with the motel breakfast, birthday wishes and beautiful weather!

KSU at 7:00 headed to Canon City along US50. Awesome ride even if we did have to add and take off clothes more than once. 

Once we were headed south the terrain started changing too. It was really almost boring some of the group. I heard rumors that a couple passengers may have even slept through part of the ride!

Our plan was to ride into Santa Fe for a late lunch. All was going well until the rain caught us. Only 5 miles from lunch and the bottom fell out.  Do you stop and try to find a place to suit up? Or do you hunker down and drive on?  Today we chose the latter. 

We all kind of sloshed our way into our lunch spot, Tune Up Cafe. Still, it didn’t seem to dampen any spirits, just added another chapter in the memory book!

Deliciously fueled, we set out for our next stop. Remember the movie, Wild Hogs? Yep. We are headed to Maggie’s Diner!

Of course there was a little excitement in Madrid and we were not the cause. Seems a concrete truck had crashed the day before and they were still cleaning up the mess. In order to continue south on the Turquoise Trail, we had to traverse a privately owned dirt road. This was the point the group went separate directions. Several took the detour and the rest re-routed. All of us arrived safely at the Moriarity motel, almost at the same time – but with slightly different stories. What a fun day!


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  1. Never a dull moment or so it seems!

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